When an energetic young girl wakes up in the wee hours of the morning, her sleepy Daddy is not quite as ready to welcome the day.

Families and young children will relate to the familiar wake-up shenanigans in this delightful illustrated tale showing the special bond of a father and daughter .

When Little Big Girl wakes up, she is ready to play! The only problem is that it is the crack of dawn, and Daddy is too tired to get up. As the young girl tries her best to rouse her father, he tries his best to stay snuggled up in bed. Young families will love the relatable story of Little Big Girl Wakes Up Daddy, a tenderhearted and beautifully illustrated read-aloud by author Reginald Barnes, depicting the silly antics and special love between a father and daughter.  


Little Big Girl was wide awake when she rose from bed at the first sign of daylight. When she enters her father’s bedroom, she finds he is sound asleep. But that won’t do at all, she’s ready to play! When whispering fails, Little Big Girl calls to her Daddy louder and louder until he is startled awake.

“Little Big Girl, why are you awake?” Daddy asked, still very, very sleepy. 

“Because I want to play!” Little Big Girl smiled and bounced. “Will you play with me?”

After playing on her own, waiting for her father to rise, Little Big Girl is finally greeted by Daddy who is ready for some fun. That is, until Little Big Girl becomes tired and falls asleep!


Families will delight in reading this charming and playful tale, masterfully written by Reginald Barnes. This precious book is one that children will return to again and again, with its simple and sweet storytelling, perfect for reading alone and together. Big Little Girl Wakes Up Daddy is the debut book in a planned picture book series featuring the loving father daughter character duo.